We are grateful to all our clients who take the time to write a testimonial. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, or just keep doing what we are doing if things are working well. We value what our clients have to say and enjoy the feedback. We do business from our hearts and value expressions of appreciation. If you are wondering how our adoption services have impacted our clients please take a few moments to read through the testimonials.

Adopting can be an overwhelming process but Florida Adoption Center was an amazing agency to work with! Their care and compassion for our birthmother was phenomenal. You could see that they cared for her in their words, and more importantly, their actions. They guided and supported our birth mother through her whole pregnancy and after. They put their heart and soul into their clients! We felt comfortable and confident that they were looking out for her best interests and ours at the same time. Andrea and Carrie were both honest and understanding of our needs and questions. They truly were indispensable helping us navigate the world of adoption. They brought humor and love to each conversation we had. If we were called to adopt again we would be honored to work with Andrea and Carrie again! They really do help make dreams come true!!

Patty and Ben

Patty and Ben
We are very happy with our experience with Florida Adoption Center. Andrea and Carrie addressed our every concern. They were accommodating for everything we requested and had prompt responses to our questions. Also, they were respectful of our emotions during our entire adoption journey. We are looking forward to working with them on our next adoption.

Bobby and Kevin, Minnesota

Bobby and Kevin
The adoption process can be a very intimidating and daunting endeavor for couples who wish to start or add to their family. As prospective adoptive parents the unfamiliar process of adoption, coupled with the possibility of the unknown, can trigger many questions that are unique to every situation. With this in mind, you need a trustworthy agency on your side, who will help you guard your heart. Florida Adoption Center did just that. For my husband and I, adoption has been the end of a long journey in search of our family, and though we had a disrupted adoption with another agency our positive result has made it all worthwhile.
We have had a great experience with Florida Adoption Center. Carrie and Andrea are professional, friendly, through and knowledgeable in all areas. We felt as though they were on our side, but actually they care for all parties involved.
Florida Adoption Center is an amazing resource and partner in the adoption journey. We would happily and confidently recommend them. To say we are the happiest we have ever been would still somehow be an understatement. Thank you so much for helping us realize and fulfill our dreams.

Debbie and Ken, Florida

Debbie and Ken
We cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Florida Adoption Center. We were referred to this agency by our adoption consultants, who let us know that Florida Adoption Center was a wonderful agency, and we could not agree more. Many people describe adoption as a roller coaster ride. This is an apt description, but we truly feel that Andrea and Carrie at Florida Adoption Center helped us through all the ups and downs. It was very important to us that we work with an agency that treats expectant mothers well. We can definitely say that Andrea and Carrie provided our son’s birth mother tremendous support and love during a very difficult time in her life. We cannot recommend Florida Adoption Center enough as an Adoption Agency.

David and Alisa, Colorado

David and Alisa
It would be impossible to adequately express our overwhelming satisfaction with the Florida Adoption Center’s handling of our adoption. Andrea and Carrie perfectly balanced our needs and requests as adoptive parents with those of the birth mom. They truly cared for us as a family, and advocated for us through the entire process. Their genuine concern and care for our young birth mother far exceeded any normal standard, and we are grateful they were there for her far after the postpartum time period was over. We have already recommended friends to this wonderful agency, and will certainly use them again in our next adoption. At no time did we feel like we were being ignored, being a burden to them, or being taken advantage of financially. They were quick to return phone calls and emails, and accounted for every dollar we sent them. They are real people, who treated us and the birth mom like real people, and therefore made what is normally a highly stressful and emotional process, a rather enjoyable one. We could never thank them enough for allowing us to bring our third child home, and making our second adoption such a pleasurable experience. May God continue to bless Andrea, Carrie, and the Florida Adoption Center.

Jayson & Jenny, Alabama

Jayson & Jenny
I can honestly say this has been one of the best experiences of my life. I could not have asked for more. From day one of our adoption journey we have felt very supported and encouraged during the process. I would recommend Florida Adoption Center to anyone interested in growing their family through adoption.

Eric & Theresa

Eric & Theresa
We were very satisfied with the services we received from the Florida Adoption Center. They are lovely people who made everything as smooth as possible and really advocated for us and the baby. They explained things as they happened and work with our specific issues. We asked the agency to pick adoptive parents, and they respected our wishes, and there was no pressure to change our minds.
We were not sure what to expect with the process, but Florida Adoption Center really helped us understand our rights and made us feel super comfortable throughout the whole process. We look forward to working with them if we need counseling services and for assistance with our monetary situation and possible job placement assistance. We couldn’t be more pleased at how this process has gone.