Help Paying for an Adoption

Finances can be a significant concern when beginning the adoption process. Our Agency strives to keep adoption fees as low as possible, but understands the cost of adoption can be overwhelming. The Florida Adoption Center is a Fee for Service Agency. We have carefully constructed our fee schedule with full disclosure in mind. Our fees are lower than you will typically find.

We believe, Adoptive Families have to be able to know exactly how much the adoption is going to cost. Fees are payable as and when services are provide, as set out in the fee schedule. When you enter our program the fee schedule will be fully explained and you will receive a signed copy for your records.

Employee Benefit

Paying for an adoption is a big financial commitment. Some employers offer help with adoption related expenses, and it is worth asking if your employer offers this benefit.

Federal Tax Credit

Federal Adoption Tax Credits have been available since 1997, but has changed year upon year. Some years the tax credit has been fully refundable, and in others it could only be used to off-set taxes owed. The off-set could be used and spread over several years.

In 2013, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit was made permanent. Good news for all adoptive parents. The only time the credit cannot be claimed is for Step-parent Adoptions. For FAQ’s in layman’s terms see FAQ Sheet.

Download: Adoption Tax Credit FAQ Sheet – (138KB PDF)

Federal Tax Codes change all the time and it is a good idea to check for any changes or updates. The Federal Adoption Tax Credit for 2015 stands at $13,400.00 (for applicants who qualify). As previously stated, the 2013 credit can be used to off-set taxes for up to five years. See FAQ sheet on the IRS website for more details, and contact your accountant to see if you qualify.

Other Financial Resources

Fortunately, there are many resources available to help offset the cost of adoption. We have provided the following information to assist you in locating some of those resources. The following organizations offer grants, adoption loans, other funding resources, and helpful information to qualifying Adoptive Families.

The organizations included on the list, award grants and loans based on their own eligibility criteria which may include factors such as income or religious orientation.

Florida Adoption Center has no relationship with any of these organizations. Each of these organizations make their own eligibility determination and their philosophies may not be representative of ours. Inclusion on this list does not represent an endorsement by Florida Adoption Center.

The list of organizations offering grants and funding, is constantly in flux and may not be 100 percent accurate as eligibility and funding sources change constantly. Neither is this an exhaustive list of available funding resources. We have provided it to give you a snap shot view of the types of resources out there. We encourage you to contact these organizations directly to obtain the most current information.

The internet is a wonderful resource for grants and loans, but please, be wary of websites which require upfront application or other fees.

Grants and Loans

Many organizations, charitable and otherwise provide grants and awards for adoptions. Below is a list of organizations known to provide such grants and awards. Please note, funding for these grants and awards change all the time. It is impossible to keep up with changes in funding, and funding criteria. We have provide this resource list as a way to get you started and cannot guarantee how current or accurate the information is.

Download: Grants and loans – (174KB PDF)

Any charitable organization who would like to include grant or award information on this site, please contact us at: