Pre-Adoption Training

Adoption is not something which should be entered in to lightly. It is important to consider all implications before making such a huge, lifelong commitment. In order to prepare our families for adoption we offer training opportunities.

During the training, which may include individual, group and online sessions we offer the opportunity to really examine the subject of adoption, as well as face fears and expectations. We will also give Adoptive Parents the opportunity to meet and talk with other Adoptive Parents who are waiting to adopt, Adoptive Parents who previously adopted, Birth Mothers who have previously placed, and adult adoptees.

  • We will examine whether you are ready to be a parent, what support systems you have in place, and what support systems you will need to put in place in order to be successful parents.
  • We will examine whether you have the financial resources to not only pay for an adoption, but also have the resources to raise a child, or an additional child.
  • Applicants who are married, will examine whether both partners are equally committed to the plan to adopt, and whether their relationship is secure and strong.

Once, we have explored the subject of adoption we will also cover topics such as:

  • Whether you will only want a child who is healthy, or the same race and ethnicity as yourself.
  • Are you comfortable with an open adoption, or would you prefer a closed or semi-closed adoption.
  • Would you be comfortable not having the medical or social history of the child?
  • Are there medical or physical challenges you would, or would not be comfortable dealing with, and much more.

At The Hospital

Our pre-adoption training prepares Adoptive Parents for what will happen at the hospital. We prepare Adoptive Parents so that they know what the hospital procedure is, what to expect, what to say, and what not to say. A Birth Mother may decide to allow Adoptive Parents into the birthing suite, or she may decide she does not want any contact at all in the hospital. A Birth Mother may decide she wants the Adoptive Parents to have the opportunity to bond with baby on their own, or she may only want baby spending time with the Adoptive Parents when she is present. If she wants you to be at the hospital we will explain your role and the do’s and don’ts, but whatever happens we will explain the procedure and will ensure a good line of communication between both parties. In short, we will prepare you for the experience and will continue to support you through the process.

Post Adoption

We are committed to providing all resources necessary to facilitate a successful adoption. Adoptive Parents will be encouraged to share their fears and concerns. We in turn will provide all necessary resources and referrals to ensure a safe and successful adoption for all parties. All our services are individualized and we will discuss and provide for any needs which may arise throughout the process.

Training Dates

Upcoming Pre-Adoption Training dates.