Steps To Adoption

The Steps to Adoption can be overwhelming, here is a Brief Step-by-Step Overview of Adoption from First Call to Finalization

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Steps to Adoption can be overwhelming. Whether you want to learn more about adoption in general, already have a Home Study, or need a Home Study, Contact Us. We will be happy to explain the process and the fees involved. No Obligation for information! The steps to adoption vary from agency to agency. The steps below give you a rough outline of the steps through Florida Adoption Center, LLC. These steps will help you know how to proceed when you are ready to adopt. We hope that these steps enable you to navigate the adoption process successfully.

We are committed to providing all resources necessary to facilitate a successful adoption. Adoptive Parents will be encouraged to share their fears and concerns. We, in turn, will provide all the required resources and referrals to ensure a safe and successful adoption for all parties. All our services are individualized, and we will discuss and provide for any needs which may arise throughout the process.

  1. Review the information on our website.  
  2. Complete an Adoption Home study: this is completed by an agency local to you; every state has different regulations. Florida Adoption Center can complete a home study for you or help you locate the right agency if you are not located where we can provide this service.
    1. Orientation Session: Meet with one of our Adoption Specialists who will give you an overview of our adoption agency and the adoption program. In addition, you will receive an overview of the entire adoption process through to finalization. Orientation is your opportunity to fact-find and ask questions.
    2. Pre-Adoption Training: Meet with an Adoption Counselor to explore your feelings about the different types of adoption and what will work best for your family. See our section on Pre-Adoption training for more detailed information.
      1. Pre-Adoption Education: Our adoptive parents require specific preliminary training, and Florida Adoption Center will provide you with the resources to complete this.
  3. Create your Profile Book: our staff will provide resources to help you put together an attractive book to be shown to expectant birth mothers.
  4. Enter the Matching Pool: Your profile can still be a work in progress if your home study is completed. Florida Adoption Center has a no waitlist policy, which means that every birth mother who meets your criteria and would consider you will be a possible match for you.
  5. Birth Mother Presentation: Your profile book is shown to a potential birth mother
  6. Acceptance of Match: The birth mother chooses your family
    1. We structured our fee schedule so most of the financial commitment is made at the time of Match, with the remainder due at the time of Placement. In addition, our fee schedule is designed so that you know upfront what the financial commitment will be. We also provide you with information on ways to help you afford the adoption.
  7. Take Placement: After delivery, you will take placement of the infant
  8. Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) (if sending and receiving states are different): you may have to stay in the state where your baby is born for a few days while the required processes take place. ICPC can take up to thirty days but, in most cases, is completed in less than two weeks.
  9. Bring Your Baby Home: this needs no explanation
  10. Post-Placement Supervision (aka Post Adoption Reports) (must satisfy both your state of residence and the state in which finalization takes place): We will provide guidelines when you are matched, and your local social worker will complete these with you.
  11. Finalization of Adoption (roughly 3-6 months from placement): petition for final adoption and final hearing.
  12. Provide the Required Updates to the birth mother: this is a matter of what agreement was made at the time of matching; Florida Adoption Center will help you and the birth mother agree with updates and contact.

The steps to adoption outlined above are standard to the adoption program of Florida Adoption Center, LLC, and may vary from agency to agency and state to state.