Choosing an Adoption Plan

The Philosophy Of The Florida Adoption Center Is LOVE Makes A Difference!

A mother’s love, as she cares for her unborn child by making good health care decisions, seeking pre-natal care and abstaining from substance use. A mother’s love, as she carefully considers whether she can provide for her child, and a mother’s love as she offers her child the gift of a forever family who will nurture, love and provide for her child. Parenthood is more that the act of giving birth. Parenthood is putting the child’s interests first, and giving the child the best chance of having a good life. Parenthood involves providing for the child’s physical and mental needs, giving them a stable and loving home, providing for both material and emotional needs. If Birth Parents are faced with a crisis or unplanned pregnancy, and feel they are not yet ready for the responsibility of parenthood, adoption may be a choice to consider.

Advantages of Choosing an Adoption Plan

Studies suggest, pregnant teenagers and young women who chose to make an Adoption Plan are more likely to finish school or college, obtaining a higher level of education, than they would have if they had chosen to parent. This in turn leads to better employment opportunities, and eventually higher levels of financial security and life satisfaction. In addition, women choosing adoption are more likely to marry and remain married in the future, and are less likely to have a future unplanned pregnancy.

Personalized Adoption Plan

Client’s choosing to make a Personalized Adoption Plan, will enter our Adoption Program only after they have had an opportunity to work through their feelings, and believe they are in a good position to make an informed, committed decision. All our Birth Mothers will receive the services outlined in our crisis pregnancy program. In addition, they will receive pre and post adoption counseling, case management, resources, financial and emotional support.

Our Staff helps birth mothers access social service and community resources. Clients entering our Adoption Program may be eligible for financial support for reasonable living and maternity expenses, as allowed by law. We are committed to helping families have a healthy newborn. We assist with Medicaid applications, accessing pre-natal care, and will provide education on topics such as, the effects of prescription medications on the unborn child, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, substance treatment options, managing your addictions while pregnant, nutrition, pre-natal care, post-natal care, stress reduction, nutrition, budgeting, employment training, education, and much more.

We offer a non-judgmental environment where our clients can openly discuss their lifestyles without fear of criticism. In fact, the more open our clients are with their adoption specialist the more we can help. We can’t address needs we don’t know about.

Selecting a Forever Family

If Birth Parents decide on a Personalize Adoption Plan, our caring staff will help them select a forever family for their child. We will offer Birth Parents a choice of an Open, Semi-Open, or Closed Adoption. We will provide a choice of adoption ready families and will help select a family who is right for the child.  We will offer the opportunity to select a family, meet them if desired and allow Birth Parents to make the final choice.

We will help you make important decisions, such as whether or not you want a closed adoption where everyone’s identity is kept confidential? Some Birth Parents want a situation where they can receive regular updates on their child’s progress? Some want their child placed with a family that travels, or speaks a foreign language? Some want their child to have older siblings or be an only child? While others, want their child to have the chance of a college education?

Birth Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the selection of an Adoptive Family for their child. Different types of adoptions will be offered, and Birth Parents may make the final choice. Some Birth Parents may have a strong preference for an Open Adoption and will expect to have regular updates, or visits. On the other hand, other Birth Parents prefer a Closed Adoption and will have no contact with the child after placement. It is important to consider what kind of contact Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents feel comfortable with, and what will suit the personal situation. The choice is of the kind of adoption is up to the Birth Parents, we offer all the information without any pressure. The ground rules for contact, in an Open or Semi-Open Adoption, will be clearly planned out between the parties before the Adoption takes place. At the time of the adoption, each member will know the expectations and responsibilities.

The selection process will vary depending upon the type of adoption chosen (Open, Semi-Open, or Closed). To aid the Birth Parent/s in their decision making process, prospective Adoptive Parents will be encouraged to produce a Profile Book. The Profile Book allows the Birth Parents a “snap shot” view of the Adoptive Family’s daily life and history.  The Adoptive family may want to show the Birth Parent/s how you they spend family holidays, where they went to school, what they do on the weekends, what they do for fun. In addition, Adoptive Parents may want to write Birth Parents a letter introducing themselves. They are encouraged to share as much or as little as they are comfortable sharing, but this may be their only opportunity to present themselves to Birth Parents as suitable parents for the child.

The selection process is to a large extent a mutual exercise. Adoptive Parents are also able to state a preference. It is important that Adoptive Parents carefully contemplate whether they will consider a child from their own racial background, or whether they are open to the idea of adopting a child with a different race to their own. Birth Parents may have strong feelings about their culture and will want their child placed within a family sharing their own racial or ethnic background. The staff of the Florida Adoption Center are committed to locating the right family, and respecting Birth Parents’ wishes.

Open Disclosure

The Florida Adoption Agency, is committed to open disclosure. We provide a non-judgmental environment where disclosure is treated as a way to give Mother and Baby the best possible care, both before and after birth. Birth parents will be asked to disclose whether their baby is or has been exposed to illegal drugs and/or prescription medications, or alcohol. Many Adoptive Parents will willingly consider a drug exposed baby, but it is vitally important to know what a child has been exposed to in utero so that proper medical care can be provided for the child after birth. We do encourage Birth Parents to be informed about the consequences of taking medications (prescribed or otherwise), and other substances while pregnant. Our aim is healthy babies, and mothers.

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