Does the expectant father have any rights?

Yes, the expectant father has rights. If he disagrees with your adoption decision or you are no longer in a relationship with him, our agency will work with him directly to determine his legal rights and satisfy the law’s requirements. Laws in each state differ regarding a father’s rights. The law honors your wishes, and we will help you, even if he isn’t in agreement with your plans. We ask that you disclose all your information about the Birth Father so we can help resolve the situation.

In Florida, the law requires birth fathers to provide emotional and financial support to the Birth Mother during her pregnancy and after birth. If they have not provided both of these things, they cannot interfere with a Birth Mother’s Adoption Plan. Additionally, Florida has a paternity registry where Birth Fathers can register if they believe they may have fathered a child. Failure to register promptly means a Birth Father may lose his rights over the child. Every state has different laws about notifying the birth father. We will discuss this with you and how it impacts your individual situation.

A Birth father who is involved with you and the baby and who is on board with the Adoption Plan can be included in the adoption planning process. However, if the birth father is not involved, we do not require his participation. We will discuss all of this with you as the process progresses.