Does the father of the baby have to be notified of the Adoption Plan?

Yes, if he is the legal father (married to the Birth Mother at the time of Conception). If his whereabouts are unknown, the Putative Father Registry has to be checked and a Diligent Search has to be made.

No, if he is not the legal father. However, information has to obtained from the Birth Mother so the Putative Registry can be checked before making a determination that he is not the father. According to the Law, the interests of the state, Birth Mother, Adoptive Parents and the Child, outweighs the interests of an unmarried biological father when he fails to take action to claim paternity in a timely manner. It is the unmarried biological father’s responsibility to protect his rights, fulfill all the requirements of the Law, and provide support for the Birth Mother and child, otherwise the child may be adopted without his consent.