How does Florida Adoption Center avoid scams and disruptions?

Florida Adoption Center’s proven adoption professionals are experienced in adoptions, but also have counseling and behavioral analysis backgrounds. This education and experience means we are more likely to recognize early indications of intentional fraudulent behavior. Additionally, our programs have been set up to protect Adoptive Parents from fraud, as much as possible. We work hard to avoid scams and disruptions by offering Birth Mothers extensive counseling opportunities, while they are in the decision-making stage. Once a Birth Mother states she is committed to Adoption, and we feel she is committed to the decision, we will make the Match with Adoptive Parents. We also believe it is important to foster a strong relationship of trust between a Birth Mother and the Adoptive Parents.

We offer 24/7 support to our Birth Mothers, and a support system designed to demonstrate our commitment to their health and wellbeing. Instilling a feeling of being supported, and building a rapport and a comfort level, with Birth Mothers has proven to be very instrumental in securing follow through with an adoption plan.

Unfortunately, disruption is a reality which comes with the adoption territory. Florida Adoption Center is fully committed to open and direct communication with our Adoptive Parents who they can be confident that our caring staff will walk them through all aspects of their adoption journey, and will be there to fully support them in the event of a disruption.

We want our Adoptive Parents to be assured, in the event of a disruption, which was due to no fault, failure, action or inaction of the part of the Adoptive Parents, they will be placed on a priority list for a Re-Match.