How much information about me is shared with the Adoptive Family?

When you make an Adoption Plan, you will be asked to provide your medical and social history. You will be asked to sign a release to share this information with the Adoptive Family. In addition, once you are Matched with an Adoptive Family, they will want updates on how you are doing and how your pregnancy and the baby are doing. If you choose a closed Adoption, your information will be shared, but any identifying information (Name, Address, etc.) will be redacted (erased) from your record to protect your identity.

We ask you to provide your medical and social history so the Adoptive Parents can make appropriate medical decisions for the child and so your child can make informed medical decisions for themselves when they reach adulthood. Additionally, it is helpful emotionally for a child to be able to identify with their Birth Parents and family of origin, which is why your social history is so important. Think of it as a gift you are giving your child.