Should I call your office to get updates about my place on the list?

We are happy to keep in contact with you and provide updates, as we recognize this is an emotional time for all involved. However, it is impossible to give you information on where you are on the list as Matching involves a lot of variables, and the amount of time you have been on the list does not necessarily mean you are closer to being placed, as your criteria may mean you are likely to have a longer wait. For example, Adoptive parents open to any race or gender will likely experience a shorter wait time than those who only consider a Caucasian baby.

As far as keeping in touch is concerned, we do find it helpful if you let us know if you are going to be traveling out of the country and will not be contactable by phone (say on a cruise ship), just in case we have a Safe Haven baby that we need to place at short notice. We don’t suggest you never travel, but we do suggest you let us know you won’t be available by phone for a particular period.