What is an Adoption Plan?

We prefer to use the term Personalized Adoption Plan because this really explains our vision of what your Adoption Plan should look like and what we aim for. We believe every adoption plan is and should be unique. Your circumstances and dreams for your child will differ from those of another Birth Mother. Every Birth Mother is a unique and different individual. Everyone is their own unique personality. We believe your Personalized Adoption Plan should reflect this.

We believe in giving choices every step of the way. The Personalized Adoption Plan reflects a Birth Mother’s wishes for her child. We give Birth Mothers the power to choose an Adoptive Family for their child. The plan is set down in writing so that there can be no question of her wishes. Choices included in the Personalize Adoption Plan may include such things as who will be in the birth suites; who can hold the baby; what visitors you will allow at the hospital; how often you will see the baby after delivery; whether you want photographs taken with the baby and/or the Baby and the Adoptive Parents; who you want to be your witness when you sign consents; and after the adoption whether you want updates, and if so how often; will you want visits with the child and if so how often.