What kind of decisions will I be asked to make?

The types of decisions you will be offered an opportunity to make include:

  • Do you want to look at Adoptive Family Profiles?
  • Do you want to meet Adoptive Families in person, talk to them over the phone, exchange letters, or not meet them at all?
  • Who would you like at the hospital when you give birth?
  • Do you want your Adoption Specialist to be at the hospital for moral support?
  • Who would you like in the birthing suite?
  • Would you like to hold and spend time with the baby after the birth, or would you like the baby to go to the nursery?
  • Are you happy for the Adoptive Parents to spend time bonding with the baby in the nursery?
  • Would you like to have photographs of you and your baby together?
  • Would you like to make a memory box and write letters for the baby to keep?
  • Do you have someone you would like to be your witness when you sign the Consent for Adoption?