Who initiates the adoption process?

An adoptive couple can initiate their side by calling for a consultation with one of our Adoption Specialists and by starting the application process.

Birth Mother/Parents initiate their side by contacting the Agency for a consultation.

The Agency facilitates Adoption by bringing the two sides together.

How many Adoptive Families are on your waiting list at this time, and how many birth mothers?

It is impossible to give a number as it varies greatly. We like to give our Birth Mothers a selection of Adoptive Families to choose from, as it is an important decision, and we want them to feel they have control over who parents their child. We try to keep the ratios of Birth Parents to Adoptive Parents as close as possible, but this is not always possible to maintain. In addition, for the welfare of our babies, we want to avoid placing babies in interim care and always maintain a list of available families.