Why is Adoption an Alternative Parenting Plan?

Adoption is considered an alternative parenting plan because your child will always be your child. Your child will be raised by another family, but you will always be their Mother. Adoption in the 21st Century is very different from adoption in past. Today, adoption isn’t a shameful thing. Today, adoption is considered a loving choice and a heroic, selfless act. A Birth Mother choosing adoption puts her child’s needs first, and isn’t that what mothers should do?

Today, Birth Mothers have the opportunity to choose a family to parent their child if they wish. The power is in your hands. You will be allowed to look at Profiles of Adoptive Parents and decide whether you would like to speak with them on the phone, exchange letters, or meet in person. You can decide if you want an Open Adoption where everyone’s identity is disclosed or a Semi-Open Adoption where only first names are exchanged, or you can choose a Closed Adoption where you and the Adoptive Parents remain anonymous. You can decide if you want updates (letters, pictures, etc.) and whether you want to see your child in person for visits.