Will I get the opportunity to meet and/or talk to the adoptive family before the adoption?

Yes. If you wish to speak with the Adoptive Parents, we will arrange for that to happen. Initially, we will allow you to talk with the adoptive family through a conference call which we will initiate. Your Adoption Specialist will start by introducing you to each other and stay on the phone to help you feel comfortable and answer questions that may arise. If you feel comfortable with the Adoptive Family, you may also request a personal meeting with them. Again, your Adoption Specialist will arrange the meeting and will go with you for moral support.

Later if you wish, the Adoptive Parents may come to the hospital when you deliver to spend time with you and offer their support. Once the baby is born, you may want to spend time with the baby yourself or have the Adoptive Family spend time bonding with the baby in your room or the nursery. The choice and decision are yours to make. Your Adoption Specialist will ask you about your wishes and will make the necessary arrangements for you.