Will the hospital staff know I have an Adoption Plan?

We will usually write to the hospital Social Worker (with your permission, of course) to inform them of your birth plan. We do this, so the hospital staff knows your wishes on privacy and the Adoptive Parent’s interaction with you and the baby ahead of time.

The hospital Social Workers meet with all new mothers, and it is usually easier for you if they know your plans concerning adoption. If they don’t know, they will ask irrelevant questions, such as “do you have a car seat to take the baby home in?” It is just easier and less awkward for you if the Social Worker knows ahead of time what to expect. You can expect the hospital Social Workers to meet with you and provide emotional support if you need it. In addition, you will have your Adoption Specialist, who will have supported you through your Adoption journey to this point, at the hospital to provide you with support and act as your advocate.