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We offer Free Pregnancy Testing, because we know how important it is to have your pregnancy confirmed as early as possible. There are many reasons why it is important to know as early as possible.
If your pregnancy test is positive you can start to make preparations for your pregnancy and birth. The earlier you know, the more time you have available to you to make important decisions. An early test means you can get signed up for Pregnancy Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC and begin pre-natal care.

If you need help with your Medicaid application let us know as we can help. If you have a positive pregnancy test we can write you a letter confirming your pregnancy which Medicaid will accept as your “proof of pregnancy.”

A pregnancy test can let you know, one way or the other, whether or not you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests detect very low levels of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), in a woman’s urine. The woman’s body begins to produce this hormone when the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of her uterus. A pregnancy test can be taken about a week AFTER your missed period for the most accurate results.

Urine pregnancy test are about 99% accurate and are quick and easy to use and can be done right at our office. Occasionally, you can have a false negative result but never a false positive. If your test is negative and you still believe you may be pregnant it is a good idea to repeat the test a week later.

5 signs you may be pregnant

  1. You’ve Missed Your Period. A missed period doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. Keep in mind that your period can sometimes be delayed or skipped due to stress, diet, or certain medical conditions.
  2. You Have Cramps. In early pregnancy cramping is common. You may feel this discomfort and think your period is just around the corner but then it never comes.
  3. Your Breasts Hurt. During pregnancy a woman’s body produces more and more estrogen and progesterone. These hormones start to make changes in the body to support the baby’s growth. An early sign of pregnancy is breast/nipple tenderness. Breast may feel tender, appear bigger due to increased blood flow, and nipples may even change color.
  4. You’re Feeling Different. As well as cramps and sore breasts, early pregnancy can produce: nausea, food aversions, exhaustion, frequent urination and other symptoms. No one knows your body like you do, so pay attention to your body. Anything out of the ordinary should prompt you to take a pregnancy test.
  5. Your Contraception Failed- Birth control pills, condoms, and other types of contraceptive devices don’t provide 100 percent protection from pregnancy. In other words, there’s always a slight chance of pregnancy, no matter how careful you are.

When in Doubt, Test!

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