Waiting Families

All Adoptive Parents and Families on our Waiting Families list have Approved Home Studies and have been approved to adopt children from anywhere within the United States. All the Adoptive Families shown are ready and waiting to adopt. If you are a Birth Parent and you are interested in one of our families, please call or email, we would love to give you more information and put you in touch. If you are a Waiting Family, with an approved Home Study, and you would like your profile to appear on our Website please contact us at the address or telephone number below.

Need a home study? No problem, give us a call or contact us via email.

If you are a Birth Parent, wanting to learn more about making a Personalized Adoption Plan, or you are interested in finding just the right family for your baby, please contact us. We can offer you more than just a list of Adoptive Parents. We invite you to view our Crisis Pregnancy section, and contact us at the address below.

For Adoptive Parents/Families

Call:  321-250-5683

Email: andrea@floridaadoptioncenter.com

For Birth Parents

Call: 321-766-5683

Email: carrie@floridaadoptioncenter.com

Kevin & Bobby

Kevin & Bobby

Our family has been created through adoption. We are fortunate to have Izzy as our first child through an open adoption. Bobby has a younger brother and an Uncle who were adopted. We have learned through these experiences that having interaction with a birth-parent is important.

Kevin & Bobby's Profile
Christine & Don

Christine & Don

My name is Christine and this is my husband Don. We greatly desire to expand our happy family and share our endless love with a child. The Miracle of a Child would mean more to us than our words could ever express.

Christine & Don’s Profile
Wade & Melanie

Wade & Melanie

Hello! We are Wade and Melanie and we are so honored you are taking the time to get to know us. We Promise Your child’s life will be filled with happiness, Laughter, Travel, Support, Understanding and Unconditional Love.