There are several adoptions programs available for you to choose from

You should choose an adoption plan that works for you and your family and since no two families are alike we have several options for you to choose from!

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Traditional Adoption

Traditional Adoption is being matched through an adoption entity or attorney. When expectant families work with an agency or attorney for an adoption plan, they want to be matched with a family for placement. Often our traditional adoption placements occur after the agency has worked with the expectant family for a period. The agency then gets to know them and their desire for an adoption plan and match family. Florida Adoption Center matched most expectant families in their late second or third trimester. We often work with our expectant families for several months before matching. Expenses for the adoption start when the expectant families come into the program and are being paid before a match occurs with an Adoptive family. When we develop a Match budget, we develop that budget to include possible situations with that family. When a match is made, approximately 3/4’s of the budget is collected, and the final portion is collected at placement. Some of our program fees are collected at placement. If there is no placement or what we call a “Disruption,” there are no fees collected at placement. Any portions of refundable fees not spent will be refunded to the families approximately 30 days after the disruption.   

There are several different types of adoption, which we will explain to you in more detail during your initial consultation. Adoptive parents must decide which type of adoption is right for their family. Expectant parents are offered the opportunity to select a family for their child. The types of adoption you are willing to consider will determine whether an Expectant Parent feels you are the right fit for their Adoption Plan. In addition, consider whether you want a child that shares your racial background or are open to considering a child of mixed race or a different racial background to your own.

Identified/ Matched Adoption

In an Identified/ Matched Adoption, the agency provides placement services. An Identified or Matched Adoption is when an expectant and adoptive family come to the agency together for placement services. They have already found each other through a friend, family member, or church. The law is very specific about the adoption process; it is much safer for an adoption to proceed under an agency’s guidelines. We will ensure that financial resources, counseling opportunities, and case management services are provided to the expectant families. We have a separate advocate for expectant/birth families and adoptive families to ensure all aspects of the adoption laws and process are covered.   

Types of Adoption

Expectant parents can decide whether they want an Open, Semi-Open, or Closed Adoption. They may have a strong preference for an Open Adoption and will expect to have regular updates, or visits, after the Termination of Parental Rights and Finalization. The agreed-upon updates and visits may be for the child’s first year of life, the first several years, or maybe until adulthood. On the other hand, some Expectant Parents prefer a Closed Adoption and will have no contact with the child after placement. The type of adoption chosen by the Expectant Parent drives the search for suitable Adoptive Parents for the child. Florida Adoption Center Adoption Program

Adoptive parents can decide what type of adoption is comfortable for them. The Expectant Mother will be matched with an Adoptive Family willing to honor their wishes regarding updates and contact with the child. There is no point in matching an Expectant Mother who wishes for ongoing communication with the child with Adoptive Parents who only feel comfortable with a closed adoption. Careful thought should be given to the type of adoption a family will consider. Adoption and parenting are long-term (life-long) commitments.

Open Adoptions

Where Expectant and Adoptive Parents mutually agree to ongoing contact between triad members. Identifying information (first and last names) is disclosed and known by all parties. In an Open Adoption, all members of the Adoption Triad (Expectant Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Baby) understand that contact between the parties will continue after the formal adoption process is finalized and throughout the child’s life. Expectant parents often choose to have some openness in their adoption plan. We contract with an Openness Counselor to work with both expectant and adoptive families separately and together to define expectations and future relationships. Open Adoption Agreements

Semi-Open Adoptions

Where Expectant Parents can select the Adoptive Parents, information sharing/meetings occur, and contact happens after Consent papers have been signed via Child Connect. Semi-open adoptions are facilitated online with Child Connect. Child Connect allows for personal but private interaction between birth parents and adoptive parents until the child reaches 18 years of age. Frequently Semi-Open adoption includes visits in the future.  Semi-open Adoption

Closed Adoptions

There is zero disclosure of information shared between Adoptive and Expectant Parents in a closed adoption. The Expectant Mother and Adoptive Parents will know each other only by first names. The Agency will notify the hospital that the Adoption is a Closed Adoption and baby’s armband will be covered, and all identifying information will be kept confidential. Closed Adoption