Intervention Adoptions

A Private Adoption Option for DCF Cases

Florida Adoption Center can help you choose who takes care of your child instead of letting the state choose. With an intervention adoption-DCF case, you can choose who raises your baby if the state determines that you are not able to do this yourself.

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DCF Intervention Adoptions

Is your child in DCF custody? If your child has been placed in the Florida State foster care system, you are unable to reunify, and your parental rights HAVE NOT been terminated, you can choose an intervention adoption. Intervention adoption allows you to select a loving family for your child and also maintain a level of contact with your child if you desire. An intervention adoption-DCF case is eligible for a private domestic adoption due to the law changes in 2012. Interventions are also unique to Florida and many mothers take advantage of them yearly. We can help you plan an intervention adoption too.

DCF Intervention Law

Florida Statutes, Section 63.082 (6)(a) states “if a parent executes a consent for the adoption of a minor with an adoption entity or qualified prospective adoptive parents and the minor child is under the supervision of the department, or otherwise subject to the jurisdiction of the dependency court as a result of the entry of a shelter order, a dependency petition, or a petition for termination of parental rights pursuant to chapter 39, but parental rights have not yet been terminated, the adoption consent is valid, binding, and enforceable by the court.”

This intervention adoption-DCF case process allows the parent, to maintain some control over their child’s life by selecting a prospective adoptive family. In addition, they can take comfort in knowing that their child will be placed in a loving, secure home. DCF Administrative Codes for Adoption

DCF Adoption Interventions allow you to:

  • Get your child out of “the system”.
  • Select and possibly meet the Adoptive Parents.
  • Receive pictures and updates, with the option for future visits- open adoption.
  • Get Adoption counseling.

If you think that you need help with a DCF Intervention please contact us to see how we can help give you back some control.

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