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Adoption testimonials tell the truth about the experiences our clients have had with the Florida Adoption Center. Please take a few moments to read through the testimonials left about us by birth mothers and adoptive parents.

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Florida Adoption Center: Adoption Testimonials

Testimonials are at the core of consumer research. They allow birth parents as well as adoptive parents to understand our values from a personal standpoint and get insight into what the adoption process might be like for them if they chose to work with the team at Florida Adoption Center. We value what our clients have to say and enjoy the feedback. These testimonials tell the truth about Florida Adoption Center, our caring staff, and the services provided to expectant/birth parents and adoptive parents.


I was on the streets and got pregnant and my family wouldn’t help.  Carrie got me off the streets and made sure I was safe.  I was hungry-she got me food.  I needed doctors she got me doctors.  I knew I couldn’t raise a child and she talked to me about a lot of choices.  I know for my baby I made the right decision and I’m glad I found Carrie.  She said I could always call her anytime I needed help.


I absolutely LOVE Carrie and the Ladies at Florida Adoption Center!  All of them are welcoming, friendly, and best of all, NO JUDGEMENT!  God guided me to them, Carrie and her team were there for every step and answered all my questions and concerns, multiple times.  Calmed my fears and worries.  I’m so blessed to have found Florida Adoption Center where all my options were explained all. I chose an open adoption plan and enjoy being able to see how my baby is loved, growing, and receive little notes on how my child is thriving.


Oh man let me tell you what – I was devasted that I found out I was preggos.  Never in my wildest dreams did I feel my contraception would fail.   I knew I wasn’t able to financially raise another child and I don’t believe in abortion.  I called Florida Adoption Center and spoke with Carrie who gently guided me on my options, she even told me to think and pray on my decision, which I did.  I ultimately chose to go with Carrie who continually guided me and assisted with finances.  I’ve even dropped off gifts for my baby that FAC happily mailed to my chosen adoptive family.  You will find, love, guidance, and best of a safe, judgement free zone with Carrie at Florida Adoption Center.


Jail, pregnant, drugs, and instability is what I was offering my baby.  I knew the path I was on was not the path I wanted for my unborn baby.  I knew I had a long way to go with no one to help me before I was able to raise a child.  Kinda, how I was raised.  I didn’t want that for my baby.  A friend told me about Carrie at Florida Adoption Agency, they were able to help me with a place to live after I got out of jail, food, phone, doctors visits, and more importantly got me help for my substance issues, and a counselor to guide me towards a better life.  I choose a semi open adoption plan, which means I can see pictures and send messages through a secure site to stay in touch if I want to.  Carrie always said – “call me if you need anything and we’ll see what we can do.”  They saved my baby’s life and my life.


I came to Florida Adoption Center with the full intention of placing my unborn baby for adoption.  The state took my other 3 children, and I knew they’d take this one due to the abusive relationship I was in.  At least I could have some control and choose a loving family to raise my child.  Carrie and the ladies that work at Florida Adoption Center helped me with my finances (obtain SSN), helped me to obtain permanent housing, helped me to get out of the abusive relationship, offered counseling and so much more.  I loved the family so much I choose for my unborn baby that I asked if they wanted to adopt my youngest child (5 months old), because the state took her, I never created a bond with her.  I’m so thankful my chosen family said yes to my 5 month old, because sadly I had miscarried.  Carrie worked with me on my DCF case plan and helped me with the steps to get my other 2 children back.  I’m now in an loving stable relationship with a man who adores my 2 older girls and a baby or ours together.  None of this would have been possible without the gals at Florida Adoption Center.


We adopted with so much confidence in Florida Adoption Center! They supported our birth mother with care and respect and maintained a professional yet personal relationship with us as adoptive parents. They assisted us in navigating the complex and intimidating process of adoption and made sure we understood all the ins and outs of it. When the time came to meet our sweet baby, FAC was there for our birth mother, sent us all the photos of the moments were not there for, and made everyone at ease. The balance of professionalism and a personal relationship is a fine line but with FAC we felt heard, understood, respected, and supported. We appreciated the level of care and support that they provided our birth mother also. Her care was timely, and our updates with her were personal and allowed us to get to know her better. She had nothing but good things to say! The information they provided us was VERY thorough and updates are always given quickly and professionally. They were clearly and honestly invested in our birth mother and made sure she was confident in her decisions and care. The care of her and our unborn baby was their number one priority. They made the adoption process smooth for us!
Patty & Ben


We learned about Florida Adoption Center LLC through our consultant as my wife and I were dedicated to working with an agency that provides holistic care to the expecting mother and child. Both Carrie and Tiffany surround the birth family of our child, as well as us, with intentionality, care, advocacy, and support. For example, when our child was released from the NICU on a Sunday afternoon, Carrie came to the hospital (on her day off) to assist in signing paperwork to release our baby into our care. Moreover, as we drove to Florida from another state, were able to use the Florida Adoption Center location to meet with our child’s birth family twice – they provided a comfortable meeting space, snacks, drinks, and took photos. We are so grateful for this agency and the work that they do. Thank you.
Moni & Bria


You need a trustworthy agency on your side, who will help you guard your heart. Florida Adoption Center did just that.
Debbie & Ken, Florida


We are in the process of our second adoption with FAC. Both adoptions have been straightforward and my husband and I are always informed of the next steps. Carrie has a personality that makes you feel instantly comfortable as if you’ve known her for years. She’s honest and a good person. I know she’s changing everyone’s lives for the better that she works with. She did ours. Tiffany is very personable and attentive to our continuous questions/check-ins.
I’ll use this agency from here forward and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an agency when building their family. Carrie and Tiffany are angels.
Sarah & Russ


They were accommodating for everything we requested and had prompt responses to our questions. We are looking forward to working with them on our next adoption.
Bobby & Kevin, Minnesota


We cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Florida Adoption Center.
David & Alisa, Colorado


Carrie and Tiffany were amazing to work with. They took the time to answer all of our questions and made sure we had everything we needed. They made the entire process simple and easy. We were able to focus on our baby and not stress about all the paperwork. We would strongly recommend them.
Katie & Jamie


Florida Adoption Center was great to work with. We had a stork drop baby so life got hectic all at once. Carrie was there to help us through all of it and make sure we were taken care of. She also made sure the birth mother and our daughter were taken care of and received the best care imaginable. After a failed adoption with another agency and seeing the way they treated us after our child passed before birth, Carrie and her team were a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend them. They are honest, transparent, caring, and really just amazing people!
Kara & Steve


It would be impossible to adequately express our overwhelming satisfaction with the Florida Adoption Center’s handling of our adoption.
Jayson & Jenny, Alabama


What an amazing agency to work with. They clearly have such a personal sense of purpose and passion for this work. They are so easy to work with and create an incredible partnership in the process for adoptive parents and it’s clear how much they genuinely care about their birth mothers.
Martin & Emily


Lovely people who made everything as smooth as possible and really advocated for us and the baby.


What an amazing agency to work with. They clearly have such a personal sense of purpose and passion for this work. They are so easy to work with and create an incredible partnership in the process for adoptive parents and it’s clear how much they genuinely care about their birth mothers.
Martin & Emily


From day one of our adoption journey we have felt very supported and encouraged during the process.
Eric & Theresa

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