the Process of Adoption in Florida

Our caring staff at the Florida Adoption Center are committed to making the adoption process straightforward and supportive. We will be here to guide and educate you through every step of your adoption journey so you feel fully empowered to make the important decisions with all the information you need.

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The Adoption Process

Adoption Services in Florida cover a broad spectrum. At the Florida Adoption Center we realize the decision to adopt a child often comes at the end of a long, emotional, and sometimes expensive journey. You may be trying to find information about adoption and having trouble finding answers to your questions. Perhaps you are new to the adoption process and just starting to learn how adoption works. In any case, you have found the right place to become more educated about the adoption process.

Florida Adoption Center, LLC (FAC) offers a website packed with information. Designed to answer as many of your frequenly asked questions, you will find plenty helpful information to demystify the adoption process. If after checking out our pages you have additional questions, or are ready to get started on your adoption journey, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to answer any questions. No Obligation! Learn more about the steps in the adoption process here!

Adoption Law

Adoption is a time-honored tradition that has evolved over the ages but is currently recognized as a legal process by which parental responsibilities and rights are transferred from the Expectant Parents to the Adoptive Parents. After an adoption is finalized, the Adoptive Parents assume all legal rights and obligations as parents of the child. The child is also entitled to the same legal rights as a child born into their adoptive family.

The well regulated adoption process may seem complicated but is designed to be in the child’s best interests. Adoption laws are designed to protect confidentiality when needed and to define agreements about how open or closed an adoption will be. They also protect the legal rights of all parties involved.

Adoption Costs

The legal process of adoption is a one-time legal event, but the act of being a family lasts a lifetime. Parenting is a labor of love and lifelong emotional commitment. It can also be a considerable financial responsibility. It is essential to be fully educated on the cost of the adoption process before moving forward in the process.

Adoption law protects children but results in high costs for adopting a newborn. Fee schedules are unique to every adoption. Not all expenses listed will apply to every situation but in general a family can expect to spend an average of $45,000 to adopt a newborn in Florida. We encourage prospective adoptive parents to make an appointment to discuss costs in more detail.

Our birth mothers provide a precious gift when they put their child up for adoption. The law allows us to make sure that their needs and the needs of their babies are met throughout their pregnancies. Our birth mothers do not incur any costs associated with adoption. All birth parent support costs are standard and overage to costs must be approved by a judge.

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