Are You Interested In Learning More About How You Can Grow Your Family Through Adoption?

The Florida Adoption Center is a full-service adoption agency in Melbourne, FL. We provide services and advice to expectant, birth, and adoptive families around Florida, including, but not limited to, Orlando, Daytona, Kissimmee, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, and Vero areas.

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Adoption Overview

At the Florida Adoption Center, we connect expectant families with adopting families and help them navigate through the process of adoption placement and future relationships. Our website is designed to answer as many of your questions as possible, provide helpful information, and demystify the process.

Waiting Families

Do you already have an approved home study, or are you almost finished with one? Florida Adoption Center always accepts new families to our “Wait List Families.” We do not close our waiting list to new home study-approved families since we allow all parties to be particular in their criteria for matching.

Home Study and Post-Placement Supervision

We provide professional home studies for families residing in Florida. An approved Home Study is required for all adoption placements in the United States. Post-placement supervision is required once a baby has been placed with a family until finalization. The requirements for post-placement supervision vary by state. Learn more about the home study and post-placement supervision requirements by clicking on the button below.

Adoption Programs and Types

The two main programs for adoption are Traditional Adoption and Identified/Matched Adoption. Intervention Adoption is a less common but still viable adoption program.


Traditional Adoption is when a family is matched through an adoption entity or attorney.


Identified/Matched Adoption is when an expectant birth family and an adoptive family have already identified each other and come to the agency together for placement services.

For children whose parents have NOT had their rights involuntarily terminated and are currently in the care and custody of DCF (foster care), it can be hard not knowing when you will be able to “go home.” In Florida, a birth parent can opt to have their child placed in a permanent adoptive home instead of staying in foster care.


Intervention Adoptions, private adoptions made while a child is in state custody, allow parents to maintain a relationship of their choosing with their child while making the best decision for everyone involved.

The adoption type refers to the level of contact you are comfortable exchanging with the expectant birth parents. This section discusses these types of adoption and how we can assist with them.


As an agency, we dedicate ourselves to making the adoption process as familiar as possible. With that being said, we will answer any questions or concerns one might have. The more prepared the birth mother and adoptive parents are, the more smoothly the process carries out.