Considering Abortion?

When you find out you have a life growing inside you, things get real very fast. Many women are terrified of what kind of impact this will have, especially if she finds herself unprepared to take care of a child (for whatever reason). There are hard choices to be made with the input of doctors, spiritual advisors, family, and counselors, as well as in the heart of every woman who finds herself in this agonizing position.

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The choice should be yours to make

Here at Florida Adoption Center, it is not our job to judge a woman for the choices she makes. We are here to help and support those women who are open to choosing life. We offer an option that allows women to picture an outcome that includes a chance at life for their unborn child. Our best outcomes are when we are able to take and transform a desperate situation into an amazing gift of life for both an expectant parent and an adoptive family.

Above all though, ALL women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy deserve empathy, support, education, and information for ALL of their choices. Consequently, we are including Abortion Information and Education on our website.

There are many reasons a woman might seek abortion care. For example, you may need abortion care because your health is at risk due to your pregnancy, your fetus is not viable, or you are unable to carry a baby to term for personal reasons. The state of Florida legally allows abortion up to 15 weeks of gestation.

We at FAC would like to appeal to those who might choose life but need a better understanding of what that might look like for them. We can also help you envision what a relationship with a child placed for adoption might look in the future. In sum, we want to expand your choices not reduce them.

Click here if you are pregnant and would like more information about choosing life and adoption for your baby as an alternative plan to abortion.