How can I be sure the families your Agency works with are the best possible choices for my baby?

Florida Adoption Center’s experienced staff conducts multiple interviews and evaluations on all our Adoptive Families. Adoptive Families undergo extensive background screening procedures and psychosocial evaluations during the screening process. Our Adoptive families come from various backgrounds and races and have a variety of careers and interests. Our waiting families are all financially stable, live in nice homes, are near good schools, and are in a position to offer your child a wonderful life. We will help you choose a waiting family who suits your personal preferences. If you want your child to be in a family with strong faith or who matches your religious beliefs, we will honor that too. If you want your child to have the opportunity to travel, go to college one day, or have a large extended family, we can work on finding a family that fits your expectations. We are committed to finding the perfect family for your baby.