How do I tell my family or friends about my adoption?

Finding the strength to tell friends and family about your Adoption Plan can be difficult. It is an emotional subject. It may be easier if you tell them your reasons. They may accept it easier if they know you have put a lot of thought into the decision. If you find it hard to say it face to face, try writing a letter. You can either have them read the letter, with you present or not, or you could read it to them. Ask them to listen to you, as you explain, without interrupting and offer to answer any questions they may have at the end. Remember, you may have come to this decision over a period of time and had time to process your feelings, but they are hearing the news for the first time. Think about what their reaction is likely to be, and prepare for that. If you are unsure how to tell them, ask your Adoption Specialist for advice, and maybe role-play telling your family with her.