How do you decide whether adoptive parents are fit to adopt a child?

All prospective Adoptive Parents are required to have an Approved Home Study. See our Home Study section for full details. A Home Study requires, at minimum, background checks, adoption education, medical examinations, and proof of financial stability. The Home Study process is designed to examine all aspects of the Adoptive Parents background, family history and current situation.

Once a child is placed in the Adoptive ParentÂ’s home a series of Post Placement Supervision visits (every 30 days until finalization) are made to the Adoptive ParentÂ’s home to check on the welfare of the child, whether bonding is occurring and the adjustment of the Adoptive Family to their new family member. At finalization, if everything has gone well the Adoption Specialist will write a report recommending to the Court that the Adoption be finalized.