How does an adoptee request access to their adoption file?

Once Finalization has occurred, adoption records are sealed and can only be opened with an order from the court. Judges will only consider unsealing adoption files if there is a very good cause; an example would be an adopted child needing an organ donor from a close family member.

Florida has an Adoption Registry (different states have different registries) where all members of the Adoption Triad can register if they wish to contact each other. To be eligible to join the registry, you must be either an Adult Adoptee, Birth Sibling, Birth Aunt or Uncle, Birth Grandparent, or an Adoptive Parent making contact on behalf of an Adopted Child. To be contacted via the registry, the Adoptee and a Birth relative must be registered. If an Adoptee and a Birth Parent both register, their information is matched by the registry, and their contact information is released to the other party. We have included Florida Adoption Reunion Registry information in our resource section and the registration application. There is a registration fee, and we suggest checking the Reunion Registry Website for current pricing.

The address to contact the Florida Adoption Registry is:

Florida Reunion Registry: 1317 Winewood Blvd., Tallahassee, Fl. 29399-0700

In addition, an adoptee (or Adoptive Parents if the Adoptee is a minor) can contact the Adoption entity or Adoption Attorney for non-identifying information, such as medical history. Our Agency typically releases this information to the Adoptive Parents at the time of the Adoption.