What do we need to know about adoption?

The first step in the adoption process is to gather as much information as possible to enable you to make an informed decision. Our website is designed to answer as many of your questions as possible; however, If you have questions we have not covered, please feel free to call us. When you feel ready to move forward, schedule a consultation with one of our Adoption Specialists. Your initial consultation can be over the phone if you just have a few questions. However, a face-to-face meeting is often more beneficial. During our first meeting, we will explain in detail the domestic adoption process and our agency philosophy, which you will find differs from many other agencies. You will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, and our low-pressure approach will make the process comfortable.

If you decide to proceed with the adoption process, you will begin the application process and compile all the documents needed for the Home Study. The documents needed will include background check clearances and reference letters. See our Home Study section to obtain a full list of required documents. This section contains all the documents in a downloadable format and a full explanation of each document.