What expenses can the adoptive parents pay to, or on behalf of the birth mother and child?

The law is very firm on the types of expenses which prospective Adoptive Parents can pay. The law states “reasonable living expenses.” There is a good reason why the law makes this stipulation, it is to prevent the “buying” of babies. Reasonable living expenses can include living expenses such as rent, utilities, telephone service, food, hygiene products, maternity clothes, transportation, and medical expenses which benefit the health of the mother and an unborn baby. The law allows expenses to be paid during the pregnancy and for up to 6 weeks after birth. Additionally, it is considered reasonable for prospective Adoption Parents to pay for the Birth Mother to have legal counsel for the adoption process and counseling. The prospective Adoptive Parents are also permitted to pay for interim care for the baby after the birth and before placement in the Adoptive Parent’s home. In Florida, prospective Adoptive Parents may only pay $5,000 in expenses on behalf of the Birth Mother. Expenses that exceed $5,000 must be approved by the court, and it is up to each Judge whether or not they will approve the additional funds.