What if I/We have not come to terms with our infertility?

It is important, before turning to Adoption, to come to terms with your infertility and mourn the loss of your “Dream Child.” Adoption is a decision where both parents need to be on the same page and fully invested in the choice. It is important for both Adoptive Parents to be ready to move forward with adoption. People grieve at different rates and in different ways. One partner may be ready to move forward, while the other partner is still grieving, this is a common situation. Unresolved grief can impact the bonding process with the adopted child, and can cause problems in the relationship. We advise couples to allow their partners to resolve their grief before moving forward with adoption. It is important that one partner does not feel coerced or pressured. We advise couple seek professional counseling to resolve infertility issues. We will be happy to advise you on available resources in your area.

If you have both come to terms with your infertility and you feel adoption is the right way to increase your family we can help.