What if my family and friends say they will help me to parent?

Having family and friends gather around and promise their support is wonderful and something every new Mom needs. But consider this, everyone gets excited at the thought of a cuddly, sweet-smelling newborn, but what about when the novelty wears off? The people promising your support now have they been true to their word in the past. Have they always been there for you, or have they let you down in the past time and time again? The people who say they will be there for you when the baby comes and for months and years to come, do you really trust that they will be there to support you? Or have they made promises in the past that they didn’t keep? Parenting is a long road. At a minimum of 18 years long. You will need as many reliable friends and family members around you as possible. We can help you explore and evaluate your support systems, and help you devise a parenting plan if that is your choice.