What if people say I am being selfish for making an Adoption Plan? What should I say when they say something like that?

Choosing to make an Adoption is the most unselfish decision. Tell them you would be selfish to choose to parent if you are not equipped to be a parent. Choosing adoption is a strong and unselfish decision, especially when you recognize it is the best choice for your child. Adoption can be positive for everyone involved. Your child will have all the opportunities and positive experiences in life you would want for her or him. If your current living situation is difficult, would you really want your child to live in that situation too? Maybe, you have goals and plans for your future. Maybe you feel you are too young to be a parent. Isn’t it a better decision to allow your child the chance of a happy, fulfilled life while you move forward to accomplish your goals? Adoption is a rewarding experience and an amazing act of love. You will be offering your child an opportunity for a loving family and fulfilling the hopes and dreams of Adoptive Parents who have likely longed for a child for many years.

During this time, it is important for you to surround yourself with supportive people. There will always be those who want to tear you down. Avoid those people! Share why you chose an Adoption Plan with those who will support your decision, and educate them on how special adoption truly is.