What is an Adoptive Parent Profile?

An Adoptive Parent Profile is a compilation of information that Prospective Adoptive Parents put together to introduce themselves to Birth Parents. The Adoptive Parent Profile may include photographs of the Adoptive Family, information on their family, pets, home, jobs, hobbies, and interests. We use the Adoptive Parent Profiles as a tool to help Adoptive Parents choose prospective parents for their children. The Profile is usually the first opportunity Birth Parents have to view and meet the Adoptive Parents. We suggest the Profile should show your personality and originality. Every Birth Mother is different, and there is no right or wrong way to present your family. It is impossible to tell what will make you attractive to a Birth Mother. We do ask that identifying information be excluded from the Adoptive Parent Profile; first names are fine. It is also advisable to leave out other information with can be used to identify you or your family members. Include lots of pictures which tell the story of your life and your family. Our Adoption Specialists will advise and guide you on what to include. A great resource to use to put together a profile is Shutterfly, where pictures and captions can be created online to produce a hard copy book.