Why should I work with Florida Adoption Center?

Our fees are about as competitive and low as we can make them without compromising service. Our Agency spends considerable funds on our marketing efforts to attract clients to our program, which equates to shorter wait times. Our website is probably one of the best out there, attracting Birth Parents to our program. In addition, our service is provided with care and compassion. We really want to do the best for all our families. We rely on word of mouth and recommendations from past clients to grow our future business. Our Directors have worked in helping professions for many years and have great reputations for hard work, honesty, and integrity. Our Agency byline is Love Makes a Difference, which is the philosophy we live by.

If we are waiting for a Match and become pregnant, what happen?

Firstly, we will be ecstatic for you if you become pregnant. After that, we will take the lead from you. You can either choose to continue on with the adoption, put your adoption plan on hold until a later date, or withdraw your application and we won’t proceed any further.

If you are Matched with a Birth Mother and discover you are pregnant, but decide you do want to continue on with the adoption, we will need to inform the birth mother of your pregnancy. The Birth Mother may decide she would like to select another family. It is her decision. If you are Matched and decide to withdraw, we will inform the Birth Mother of your decision to withdraw and help her select another family. Once your baby is born, and you’ve had a chance to evaluate your situation, we will welcome you back in the program, or withdraw you from the program whichever you decide. Most couples in this situation will wait until their baby is a year old before making a firm decision. If a pregnancy results in a miscarriage, we recommend dealing with the pain of the loss before making any decision. Obviously, each situation is unique and handled on a case-by-case basis.