Your daughter is pregnant?

We can understand you may be upset. We get calls all the time from parents about their pregnant daughters. An unexpected pregnancy can be stressful for the entire family. Often, the initial call we receive is a fact-finding mission, gathering information to help the family decide. We are happy to offer guidance and support to you and to your daughter.

Adoption today is not the adoption you may know from your youth. Gone is the stigma. The new philosophy is that adoption is a loving choice and an alternative Parenting Plan made by selfless parents who put the baby’s needs before their own. Today, your daughter will have the opportunity to hand pick Adoptive Parents. If she chooses an Open or Semi-Open Adoption Plan, she may enjoy visits with her child and updates on the child’s progress.

If you wish, we can put you in touch with Adoptive Parents who are willing to share their adoption stories with you. You and your daughter can meet prospective Adoptive Parents and handpick the baby’s adoptive family. This baby is your grandchild, and it may be difficult to think of the child being raised by another family, but by meeting and choosing the family and building a relationship with them, you can feel assured the child will have the best possible upbringing. It is also possible to choose an Open or Semi-Open adoption, where your daughter can receive updates on the child, or personal visits, regularly. In today’s adoption, it is possible to have an ongoing relationship with the child after the adoption is finalized.

It must be remembered the adoption decision is your daughter’s decision. Your love and support during this difficult time are very important. Adoption is never an easy decision, so we will offer professional pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling.

We will be happy to offer you an opportunity to meet with one of our Adoption Specialists for a confidential fact-finding meeting. We will provide you with information and an opportunity to explore the subject of adoption in a no-pressure, nonjudgmental environment.