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Florida Adoption Center loves sharing adoption information that is helpful to our expectant/birth and adoptive families. We have many years of collected wisdom in adoption service and are happy to be able to share that with you here.

For additional support for Birth Mothers we recommend BraveLove and/or our Pregnant? page. If you would like to read more adoption blogs here is a link to some great ones from Healthline.

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US Map Selecting an Out-of-State Family for Your Child

Selecting an Out-of-State Family for Your Child

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In many cases, expectant mothers making an adoption plan will find that the adoptive family that best fits their plan for their child lives in another state. Out-of-state families that Choose adoption will look different from in-state adoptions for a variety of reasons. it’s important to consider the legal and logistical elements specific to an…
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Designing an Adoptive Family Profile

Designing an Adoptive Family Profile book

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Waiting for a match can be one of the most difficult and uncertain phases in the adoption process. No matter how long the wait is – it can feel like an eternity. In infant adoptions, the child’s biological mother has the unique experience of selecting the family that will parent her child. One of the…
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Adoption and Social Media

Social Media and Adoption: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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From perfect strangers to our closest friends and relatives, social media has changed the way we communicate with others — and birth parents and adoptive families are no exception. Navigating social media and adoption can be tricky. Individuals can now use social media to find prospective adoption opportunities and make connections with birth parents and adoptive…
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Couple with baby - Adoption Programs Florida

How to adopt a baby in Florida

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This is a question we hear asked every single day. Simply put, it’s a process. If you are an upstanding citizen, with love to give, and the ability to provide a loving home you can adopt. Of course, like anything worth having, adoption does come with a price tag, but it’s doable for most people….
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Women in distress - safe haven information

Safe Haven – Preventing Infantance

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In the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have enacted laws to protect newborn infants from infanticide at the hands of their parents. The law recognizes pregnant women in crisis need an alternative to disposing of their infant, thereby causing the child’s death. The law allows the parent, usually the mother, to…
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happy mom and baby brought together in ethical adoption

Ethical Adoption

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Ethical adoption is an important topic to discuss because we have all heard horror stories about babies being bought and sold to the highest bidder. Often, we imagine this occurs in third-world countries, but the reality is, wherever economic inequality exists there is the possibility that parents may consider “selling” their babies for financial gain….
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Infant in distress needs safe haven

Substance use while pregnant – What is the solution?

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No one can deny, the use of substances while pregnant is a hot topic issue, and one that we come across often in the area of Adoption. This week, Tennessee passed legislation criminalizing substance use during pregnancy, if it causes harm to the baby, or the baby is born addicted. Under the new law, a…
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