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What is an Adoption Plan?

If you are considering adoption, as an expectant mother or as a hopeful adoptive family, the process begins with a phone call. Our Florida Adoption Center (FAC) staff will provide counseling on your options, discuss your current circumstances, and help develop an adoption plan. Our services to birth parents are cost-free, confidential, and provided with love.  

FAC has separate advocates for birth families and adoptive families. Both sides of the adoption must have someone to discuss their concerns with, as well as to assist with any issues that may arise. Our advocates can meet in person or virtually on a regular schedule to manage the adoption.

Adoption Plan Schedule

Once in the program, a birth mother often meets with her advocate weekly and has 24/7 access to them via phone or text. The initial meeting allows a birth mother the opportunity to get to know her advocate so that she feels comfortable with their relationship and her adoption plan. All documents from the adoption will be copied and given to the birth mother for her records.


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We Offer A Full Range Of Services

Adoption Plan

The services Florida Adoption Center provides include:

  • Birth parent case management
  • Home study services
  • Matching services
  • Placement services
  • Resources for housing, education, and employment
  • Guidance on prenatal care, substance abuse counseling, and life skills education including budgeting, relationship issues, and more 

What Is An Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan is an individualized plan for placing a child for adoption. The plan includes finding an adoptive family, specifying what type of relationship the child will have with the birth parents, and providing guidance about adoption laws, hospital procedures, and birth parents’ rights.

A birth parent may choose to be incredibly involved in the adoption process including a future relationship with the adoptive family and the child. A birth parent may also choose to have little to no involvement, opting instead to allow the agency to make all necessary decisions.

An adoption plan includes assisting birth families with reasonable financial assistance (within the guidelines of the Florida Statue) for housing, food, clothes, transportation, and phone services to ensure communication with FAC and doctors.

We can make prenatal care appointments and we offer transportation to doctor appointments if needed. All of our services are meant to help build an open and honest relationship with our birth families.

What Are Birth Parents’ and Adoptive Parents’ Rights?

Many birth and adoptive parents are unaware of or don’t understand their rights surrounding the adoption of the child. Both sets of parents must understand their legal rights throughout the process so we are diligent in communicating those rights.

A document called the “Adoption Disclosure” details these legal rights and is signed by the birth parents and the adoptive parents, and copies are given to each. 

As always, we are available for any questions or concerns that either party may have along the way. Please reach out to Florida Adoption Center with any questions.

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