Who Chooses an Adoption plan?
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Who Chooses an Adoption Plan?

You do not need to decide what you will do with an unplanned pregnancy before calling Florida Adoption Center (F.A.C.). We can discuss an adoption plan and you can decide what is right for you and your baby. 

Some birth parents that have an unplanned pregnancy may experience panic and confusion, and do not always know all their options. Some are already parents and cannot afford another child, some are not ready to be a parent, and some are not capable of parenting due to circumstances outside of their control such as mental health, lack of support, or stability. An unplanned pregnancy is scary, especially if you are alone and do not have support and the resources to take care of a child.

Here at Florida Adoption Center, we can counsel and assist you with an adoption plan. Your individualized plan allows you to choose the perfect family for your child and the type of relationship, if any, you would like to have with the family and your child. 


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Why Choose Adoption?

Adoption for many is the best option for unplanned pregnancies. Some birth mothers can feel sad or guilty at first, but usually, these feelings fade once they realize they made the tough and best choice for the care and life of their unborn child. To others, this is an easier choice because it is a loving decision. You are putting the life of your unborn child before your wants and needs and making a responsible parenting choice for your child.

What Is An Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan is an alternative parenting plan. Our team here at Florida Adoption Center has counselors available and ready to provide you with the information about a private adoption plan and all the tools and assistance you may require during your journey.

If you are pregnant and need help, contact us today. We are here to walk with you through every decision of the adoption journey and beyond! 

Florida Adoption Center, LLC, where LOVE makes a Difference.  Call us at 321-250-5683/ 321-766-5638 or 1-855-899-5683 for more information and to get information to help with your adoption journey. 

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