Why Florida Adoption Center?
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Why Florida Adoption Center?

Welcome to Florida Adoption Center, LLC (FAC), where LOVE makes a difference. If you’re here, you may be asking what makes us different from other adoption organizations – Why Florida Adoption Center? The heart of our team and our primary mission is to provide supportive adoption services with love, and we stay committed to our families for a lifetime.

To learn more about our organization, it is essential to understand the story behind it by meeting Carrie Thomas, the Managing Director and Owner of Florida Adoption Center, LLC. Her story has built the foundation of Florida Adoption Center and helps further grow this organization to one always centered around love.

Carrie’s Story: Why Florida Adoption Center?

Carrie’s story begins with a loving family and her being the youngest of five children. At 16, Carrie experienced an unplanned pregnancy which ended with a termination. Young, afraid, and without knowledge of the alternative option of adoption, she felt that she had to hide the pregnancy and abortion from friends and family, which she did for many years, at a vast emotional expense. As time has passed, she realizes this was a lifetime decision, one she will never forget and one she wishes desperately she could change.

Feeling compelled to dedicate her life to educating women facing an unplanned pregnancy, she founded Florida Adoption Center to share options beyond termination that allow their child to find a forever home and be granted the gift of life.


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Please visit our website and see the difference adoption can make and how our organization fosters a positive birthing experience. We understand that love is needed to make a family grow. Birth families have opportunities to bond with adoptive families and maintain relationships with them and their child if desired. It is our honor to be part of this life-changing decision, and it is our heart to provide guidance and love for the members of the adoption triad: birth parents, baby, and adoptive parents. 

How Our Team Would Answer the Question: “Why Florida Adoption Center?”

♥ We give struggling mothers the choice of giving life, and we grant families seeking a child the gift of a family.

♥ We assist in assuring mothers have access to prenatal care and ensure the newborn babies are well cared for.

♥ We find babies stable and loving homes and help birth mothers find peace of mind.

♥ We offer a viable option for unplanned pregnancies and help turn desperation into a blessing.

♥ We enable same-sex couples to have families and give everyone a chance to love and parent a child.

Choosing adoption is a selfless decision and one that results in a lifetime of love. If you’re pregnant and need help, our team is here to support and assist you every step of the way. Contact our team today.

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