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Our Orlando Adoption Center Provides 4 Essential Prenatal Care Options To Birth Mothers

Prenatal care is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy. The Orlando adoption team at Florida Adoption Center helps birth mothers access the healthcare and medical services they need during and after pregnancy.

In the United States, 1 in 7 births were to mothers who received little to no prenatal care in 2021. Regular prenatal healthcare visits in the early and late stages of pregnancy are vital to keeping a baby healthy throughout pregnancy, and to ensuring a safe delivery. Prenatal care also provides access to healthcare professionals that give firsthand medical advice and recommendations about laboring techniques, birth room delivery, and future birth control options.

Prenatal Care Options At Florida Adoption Center

Here at Florida Adoption Center, we offer no-questions-asked, free pregnancy testing to women who think they may be pregnant. Along with that, we provide additional access and assistance to prenatal care services. Here are four prenatal care options available to birth mothers through Florida Adoption Center:

#1. Prenatal Healthcare Provider Matching 

We believe every birth mother working with our team should receive regular and thorough prenatal care. Our Orlando adoption center connects birth mothers with the right pregnancy healthcare providers, midwives, or physicians for their prenatal care needs. 


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Our team helps mothers locate local healthcare professionals that accept funding sources such as pregnancy Medicaid or other insurance coverages and those that offer specific prenatal services each birth mother may require. We have worked extensively with healthcare providers in the Orlando area for many years, and we help birth mothers at our center find the best care for their needs every day.

#2. Pregnancy Medicaid Set Up

Not only does our team believe in helping birth mothers receive comprehensive prenatal care during their pregnancy, but we also believe that insurance coverage and medical cost should not be limiting reasons. Our Orlando adoption team helps women learn more about pregnancy Medicaid and assists women with registering for the program at a nearby health department. 

Local health departments can also help connect birth mothers to the healthcare providers they need during pregnancy. Women who meet the income and eligibility requirements can acquire Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women (PEPW). This program works as temporary coverage for prenatal care before pregnancy Medicaid picks up all additional medical expenses. Between PEPW and pregnancy Medicaid, eligible birth mothers have prenatal expenses covered during their entire pregnancy.   

#3. Appointment Scheduling And Transportation

Once birth mothers working with our center are set up with coverage such as pregnancy Medicaid and have a prenatal healthcare provider, it is time to schedule the appointments and make it to each visit. The Orlando adoption specialists at our center can help women schedule appointments and provide safe and reliable transportation when needed.    

#4. Pregnancy And Post-Adoption Counseling

A part of pregnancy care often overlooked is counseling. Our Orlando adoption specialists offer no-cost counseling sessions to birth mothers during and after pregnancy. We also have counseling options specific to pre and post-adoption topics for birth mothers working through the stages of adoption while considering or creating their adoption plan. 

Our Orlando Adoption Professionals Are Here To Help

From free pregnancy testing to post-adoption support and counseling, our Orlando adoption team is here to help birth mothers through every stage of their pregnancy and the adoption planning journey. If you are pregnant and need help, we have support and resources for you. Contact Florida Adoption Center today.     

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