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Unplanned Pregnancy? Here Are 3 Reasons To Choose Adoption Over Abortion In Daytona Beach

Are you unsure what to do about your unplanned pregnancy? If you are confused about your options, consider the benefits that can come when you choose adoption over abortion in Daytona Beach. The benefits of choosing to place a child for adoption rather than terminate the pregnancy will have lasting effects on you and your child. 

Often, the first reaction to the startling news of an unplanned pregnancy can lead many women to feel the need to make hasty decisions about their pregnancy. For many, family, friends, or a partner may encourage abortion. However, the profound emotional impact of choosing abortion can have a lifelong effect. Many women who discover they have an unplanned pregnancy resort to plans to terminate it before considering other viable options, such as adoption.

Here at Florida Adoption Center, we want pregnant women who need help to feel loved and cared for by our team. Our goal is to provide support, resources, and education on the benefits that come when birth mothers choose adoption over abortion in Daytona Beach. 

3 Reasons To Choose Adoption Over Abortion In Daytona Beach:

#1. Adoption Gives Children The Opportunity To Experience Life With A Loving Family 

Options to place a child for adoption don’t get the exposure of abortion when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. Surprisingly, 1 in 35 children is adopted in the United States alone. Additionally, private domestic adoptions through organizations like Florida Adoption Center make up approximately 38% of adoption types throughout the country. This data alone shows that many birth mothers are still choosing adoption over abortion, and waiting families continue to adopt these children with open arms.


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Birth mothers that choose adoption over abortion give their children a chance to experience life with a loving and supportive family. Women who opt to place a baby for adoption instead of terminating a pregnancy can live without the mental and emotional regret often tied to the post-abortion experience. 

#2. Adoption Allows For Options To Maintain A Connected Relationship With A Child

Many birth mothers who choose to place their child for adoption decide to maintain a future relationship with their child through open or semi-open adoption. Some birth and adoptive parents may arrange forms of contact regularly, and others choose to have contact during important parts of the year, such as holidays, birthdays, or other important milestones. 

Maintaining future contact with a child can also be highly beneficial for birth mothers in the emotional healing process after deciding to place a child for adoption. Open and semi-open adoptions allow birth families to watch their children grow, which is only possible by choosing adoption over abortion. 

#3. The Adoption Process Allows For Financial Aid And Prenatal Care To Birth Mothers

Another significant benefit when birth mothers choose adoption over abortion in Daytona Beach is that they do not have to pay to create an adoption plan. The team here at Florida Adoption Center can help by offering guidance through the entire adoption process, pre and post-adoption counseling, and assistance with financial aid such as housing, food, transportation, toiletries, clothes, and medical expenses. 

We also help birth mothers determine if they apply for specific financial assistance programs for pregnancy-related expenses and needs. Additionally, our adoption team ensures that each birth mother at our center has access to and receives prenatal care through pregnancy Medicaid or other insurance coverage.  

We Can Help If You Want To Choose Adoption Over Abortion In Daytona Beach

Choosing to place your child for adoption is a challenging yet selfless and loving choice that will have a lasting impact on you, your child, and your child’s adoptive family. 

Our adoption team at Florida Adoption Center aims to provide resources and aid to serve birth parents and adoptive families in our local area. We are here to help you every step of the way because we know first-hand that love makes a difference. If you are pregnant and need help or want to learn more about choosing adoption over abortion, contact us today.     

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