How does open adoption work in Lakeland?

The Best Local Adoption Specialists Answer: How Does Open Adoption Work In Lakeland?

“How does open adoption work in Lakeland?” We hear this question often at Florida Adoption Center. Read on to learn more from our adoption specialists as they explain how open adoption works in Central Florida and beyond.

What Is Open Adoption?

We must initially define open adoption before addressing the inquiry, “How does open adoption work in Lakeland?” There are several forms of adoption for birth mothers considering placing their baby for adoption, including closed, semi-open, and open adoption. When birth parents choose an open adoption, they have contact with their child and the adoptive parents. 

However, opting for an open adoption does not mean that both adoptive and birth parents are raising a child together, but rather that there can be regular communication and contact between families. After the finalization of the adoption process, adoptive parents hold all legal responsibilities and rights for the child. Adoption agencies or adoption attorneys help birth and adoptive parents legally carry out these agreements in an adoption plan. 

Generally, open adoptions allow:


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  • Birth mothers to decide on the best adoptive family for their child. 
  • A child to be aware of their adoption and open the door for a relationship with their birth mother and family.
  • Regular interaction and communication through letters, pictures, holiday observances, or birthday celebrations. 

Florida Adoption Center’s Adoption Specialists Answer: How Does Open Adoption Work In Lakeland?

Here at Florida Adoption Center, we primarily serve the Central Florida region and the entire state of Florida. However, we help birth mothers from out-of-state by providing services, meetings via Skype or phone, and communicating with partner adoption agencies to ensure that birth mothers and their children get the best care and support no matter where they live.

Step 1- Personalized Adoption Plan

The first step in moving forward with an open adoption is to create a detailed adoption plan with the help of one of our adoption specialists. An adoption plan is a thorough explanation of everything that a birth mother wants to happen within the adoption process and her desires for what her child will receive from the adoption process. This plan will also include a hospital plan portion that helps healthcare professionals and personnel know what the birth mother wants when it is time to deliver.

A personalized adoption plan will lay out a birth mother’s plans for communication and interaction with their child after the adoption completion. This plan may include the desire for regular phone calls, get-togethers, special celebrations, or specific commemoration events. The more detail in all areas of the adoption plan, the better communication and connection can be during the adoption process and beyond.

Another aspect of the adoption plan is specifying the type of adoptive parents a birth mother wants to find during the adoption process. We have an extensive list of prospective adoptive parents with thorough background checks and home studies. With this database of profiles on-hand and the insight of our adoption specialists, birth parents can find the perfect match for their baby.

Step 2- Healthcare Services 

In addition to creating an adoption plan, adoption specialists will ensure that birth mothers choosing open adoption receive regular prenatal care. Our center will help women get pregnancy Medicaid set up through their local health department and get them appointments with prenatal healthcare providers that accept pregnancy Medicaid. Along with this, our center will transport women to their prenatal and medical appointments if the need arises.

Along with prenatal care, our adoption specialists will also work closely with hospital social workers during birth and delivery to ensure personalized adoption plan procedures are respected during every stage of the birth and adoption process. 

Step 3- Post Adoption Support and Ongoing Communication 

After birth, delivery, and adoption finalization, our adoption specialists and counselors offer ongoing support and resources to birth mothers. We also help families that choose open adoption maintain healthy communication with their children. Many families that work with our center maintain long-term interaction with our adoption specialists because they know that we believe love makes a difference.  

How Does Open Adoption Work In Lakeland? Our Team Is Here For You!

Our team is here to help if you want more answers to the question: “How does open adoption work in Lakeland?” At Florida Adoption Center, we support birth mothers, answer adoption questions, and contribute to family-strengthening education and resources. Contact our center today if you’re pregnant and need help.

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