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Positive Adoption Language

Language may possibly be one of the most influential ways people can impact the feelings of those they encounter either briefly or even interact with on a regular basis, yet it can still be easily overlooked and therefore unintentionally used as a tool for harm. Using positive adoption language can help show care, love, and intentionality to those involved in the adoption process.

How To Implement Positive Adoption Language

Many times, we simply may not “think” before we speak. This is relatively easy to do, given the fact that most people speak thousands of words each day. Therefore, it’s even more important to be prepared when entering a situation where adults from different walks of life are coming together to help create a loving family, such as the adoption process.

When speaking about adoption, whether it involves those who are actively in the process of building a family or those who are carrying on a casual conversation about the subject, using positive language can go a long way in helping to dispel any possible preconceived notions someone might have.


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The staff at Florida Adoption Center (FAC) has an extensive background in supporting everyone involved in the adoption process using language that demonstrates our genuine desire to be caring and respectful. We welcome and encourage anyone who may want to learn more about the various ways to make a positive impact on how adoption is viewed to reach out to our staff by clicking on the “contact” tab located on our webpage. Below is a chart with suggestions on how to incorporate positive adoption language when communicating with others.

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Undesirable Language Positive Way to Phrase
Unwanted childChild placed for adoption, Unplanned child
Real mother, Real fatherBirth or biological parent
Child who is adoptedChild
Put up for adoptionPlaced for adoption
Disabled or handicapped childChild with special needs
Give away a childCreate an adoption plan
Decided to keep a childDecided to parent a child
Give up, Abandon, SurrenderTerminate parental rights
Reuniting with birth parentsGetting in touch or making contact

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